Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Is it possible?

Last weekend a member of The Country Club (no, now don't get that idea -- it's a group of needlepointers whose friends call our get togethers "country club meetings" because they can't be troubled to remember what we do.) said she had made a list of what she needed to get done in time for Christmas finishing this year.  It gave me quite a start.  You see generally the deadline for needlepoints going in for finishing by Christmas is early September.  Do you realize that that is NEXT FRELLING MONTH?????    NEXT MONTH.

I started thinking about it and initially I believed that I was in decent shape because after all I don't have that much that is "required" for this Christmas.  Really?  Who am I kidding? I have 3 things (2 presents and my great nephew's stocking) that HAVE to get done and all of them averaged together are hovering at about halfway there.   Mind you I can't really show you pictures here of two of them -- prying eyes and all that, and the 3rd one's picture seems to have disappeared, but that is immaterial.  You see the real problem is what I *want* to work on is not these three must finishes.   Instead I'd like to be working on  --

By Gone Stitches flag --

or this BBD's Loose Feathers series -- which at the moment I have 1/3rd done and can't even find in Chez Hovel  (hence the necessity of a Cleaning Campaign)  [By the way, apparently my desire to stitch on something is inversely proportional to my ability to lay my hands on it.]

or A Mind Independent and Free (at least this one I can find!)  -- I predict that my desire to work on this one will last approximately 1 hour since it's over-one stitching.

See my problem?   I *know* you understand the overwhelming desire to stitch on something other than what you really need to.  I doubt there's a cure for this.  Sigh.

Since I can't settle into stitching, let's focus on other arts shall we? --   While at the Library on Congress I spent some time admiring the Gibson Girls exhibit currently on there ---

It's just magical to me what some people can do with simple lines of ink and pencil !

This last one is called wallpaper for a bachelor --   cracks me up!

Here's to all of us being accomplishful !   Please, Lord, let us be accomplishful.


Mouse said...

ooooo you sound just like me and love the sketches and the one for the single man is sooo funny ... and yes eeeeekkkkk to being nearly Christmas ... love mouse xxxxxx

Ann said...

Yeah, the "oughta's" will get you every time! Good luck on getting them done--and OMG, finishing deadlines are zooming up, aren't they!!!!

Margaret said...

Good luck getting your projects done. They look pretty! Love the Gibson Girls. lol -- bachelor wallpaper, huh?

Annette-California said...

Beautiful wips you have - And they are pretty. Best of Luck getting your list done of stitching and Christmas too:) I so enjoy your posts - Thank you for making me laugh and at the same time for scaring me about how fast time is going by. love Annette

valerie said...

Great wips! It's always hard to focus on "must do" projects because once you say there's a deadline and you HAVE to do it, your brain rebels and you want to stitch on everything else. At least with me it is! That Gibson Girls exhibit looks amazing! I wish I could check it out. I just love retro vampy drawings and art.

Brigitte said...

You have some great projects on the go. Isn't it always like this that you prefer stitching on other projects thatn the ones which need to be finished first? Lol. Good luck with your Christmas stitching.

Peggy Lee said...

HA!! Love that wallpaper! The artwork looks so easy until I try it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like to reply to comments when I can but you are set to "no reply". :(

P.S. I didn't eat the fish and rice. I made it for Masterchief because I felt guilty for being lazy all day. :o)

Angela P said...

I think we all go through that at some point in time if not all the time :) All of your "wanta" spend time with projects are lovely, it would be a difficult choice.