Friday, August 02, 2013

Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger!

I humbly beg forgiveness.    Really I do.  I have been very, very busy with mostly un-fun things, but that is not a good enough reason for deserting you all.  I also have not really been stitching.  The needle, they just have not called to me.  It is vexing to say the least.  I am sorry.

But I'm back now!   And I am going to try and be good.... which will last all the up to the next moment when I'm not good.... of course.   (snicker snicker)

Since I've been missing I have:
1.  gone to D.C. (twice I think)  [sheepish look] -- vising the family and favorite haunts

The Iwo Jima Memorial (my first time there)

The Washington Monument in its new scaffolding while they do earthquake repairs

{More DC pictures to come in weeks to come}

2.  I took my niece to the 3rd North American Discworld Convention in Baltimore --

Long live Sir Terry!!!!!!!!

The view from our room of Inner Harbor

3.  Stitched a little

BBD America -- I've gotten a little farther than this, but I lost enthusiasm when I realized I was mysteriously off on my count.  I cannot figure for the life of me how or where it happened.  Frankly, I don't suppose it matters, but it was annoying enough for me to put it away and ignore it.

Prairie Moon's Home of the Brave -- I was doing pretty well on the bus in the mornings on this, but it's summer intern season at the law firms so there are a lot more people to cram into the bus in the morning and a lot less elbow room.

And this little guy actually got done!   He goes in a shell.  It's hard to explain, but I promise to show you eventually.

Also that danged heart got finished.... I wonder where I put the pics though.   Hmmmm.

4.  Watched too much TV.    [hangs head in shame]

5.  Read a lot.    {At least I can be proud of that!}

6.  Missed you all.

Here's wishing you all a peaceful and productive weekend.  See you next week!!!!!!   [....she says hopefully....]

August wishful thinking:
1.  have a cleaner Chez Hovel.
2.  finish 6 books (and, please Lord, let Barrayyar and Kitty and he Midnight Hour be amongst them!!!!)
3.  clean my desk at work (it is ridiculous!)
4.  finish at least 3 EXISTING stitching projects
5.  have fun


gracie said...

Today made up more than enough for getting yesterday off! Love DC and the monuments. Your stitching is looking great.

Donna said...

Well I obviously need to go to get my own photos of the Washington Monument. But what I really wanted to say is that I have a shell thing, too. Was just playing with my thread stash today also. We can compare finishes soon?

Brigitte said...

Welcome back, Ruth. And some of your August goals will certainly be realized, at least point 6 is very likeable, lol.

Margaret said...

Looks like you've been having fun! Who knew there was a Disc World convention? lol! Love your stitching too!

Mylene said...

Been away on blogland for a while too so trying to catch...
Happy weekend!