Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!!!!!

Hey world!  Best wishes to you on this lovely (at least here it is) Friday.  My buddy,  errr apparently she likes to be called So, over at So Many Books chided me yesterday for not having posted in what she considers a reasonable amount of time.  lol    Given that the other day I dusted her duck collection because she can't see that high (and the occupational health surveyor had humorous things to say about an asthmatic with that much dust in her office), you'd think she would not give me such grief, but there you are!

Probably dear friends what she is hoping for is to see progress on a particular piece in my pile  --- namely the one I refer to in my head as Eastern European Girls Go to the Fair

I yacked about it way back in this post of mine from March-- even had some of it threaded up.  Sadly, she is to be disappointed since I have not yet stitched on it.  I'll get there, I promise!

One of the things that interrupted the Girls Go to the Fair was Grandma Rose's rose which is now back from The Other Framer --- 

The frame is a kind of opalized green.  I think she'll be pleased.   Now I just have to quell my desire to give it to her immediately and wait patiently until her birthday in August.

Also instead of working on So's canvas I've been, as I like to say, frying other fish.  There's been a couple ornies I don't have pictures of.  And there's been progress on Ladies Day.  Here she is in all her glory:

I realize I neglected to ever post of close up of the final lady --

She's in two shades of Gum Nuts and 2 shades of Silk Lame.
now I've begun what apparently will be 3-months-worth fo sand infill--
Thats's a combo of Silk n Colors and Soy Lustre.  And, pl.ease, would someone out here help me remember that stitches over 12 are my friend!   Stitches over 1 or 3 are what you pass out to folks you don't lieke very much.  Sigh. 

Far cooler than anything I've done -- my buddy Jenn's witch's hat is home from the finisher --

How cool is that?????   Kudos to Jenn the Magnificent .... and to the patience it took to do this over the course of 2 years I think (granted I believe there was a 6 month break while waiting for us to amass a shop-minimum order so the pumpkin charms could be ordered in bulk).

Anyway, Jenn's my needlepoint inspiration/bete noir.  It's all her fault I started needlepointing-- I was perfectly happy in my xs life.   Blame her for why I have weak xs updates right now..... ok, well mostly it is because I didn't get my camera in gear, but Jenn's a very responsible person, she can handle the extra blame... heee heee.

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend -- relax however you see fit!  See you next week.

P.S.   Feel better now, So Many Books?


Cindy's Stitching said...

the witch hat is adorable. love the work done on it. The other pieces are so nice and colorful.

so many books said...

The witch hat is AMAZING! Holy moley!! I'm happy that you posted, less so that you spent soooo very much time mocking me!

so many books said...

PS I forgot how much I LOVE the fair girls.

Giovanna said...

Love the rose picture - so pretty! And the witch hat is spectacular, well done to Jenn!

Margaret said...

Wow! That is some witch hat!! Impressive indeed! Love your Ladies Day, love your roses, love everything. Cool!

Meari said...

I don't do needlepoint, but WOW! Those are very beautiful!!

Beth Pearce said...

Grandma Rose turned out beautifully, this time. Love those ladies!! You have got me needlepointing - Nancy needle Autumn Leaves. It really is all your fault - LOL!

Carol said...

You pick the most fun and interesting projects, Ruth!! I love all those unique stitches in Ladies Day Out and Jenn's witch hat is amazing :)

Veronica said...

Very interesting projects, Ruth. That witch's hat looks so cool! Grandma Rose's Rose is so pretty framed.