Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...............................part one of many I owe.....

Yes, yes, I know. I owe you much. I have been MIA. I know that too. It’s been, well, interesting in a word. Short list: computer issues, work issues, Photoshop issues (OMG, why isn’t that dang program working???? It’s supposed to make my picture life EASIER not bollocks it all up), my two functional OTT Lites burned out 24-hours apart, kitchen sink issues (actual kitchen sink issues, not as in everything-but-the-kitchen-sink), etc. Still don’t really have time (the sink’s still broken, only one OTT Lite works, and don’t even start me on the *#@(&@$)@&#( Photoshop), but I need to share some lovely goodies I received BEFORE Christmas. Yes, I know. I know. I’m incredibly lame. So take away all my DCM 310 as punishment (hee hee – I hate the stuff – side question: Dear DMC, why is it that you make the worst black floss? It’s fuzzy not smooth, it tends to pill, and it shreds for no reason … well, no reason other than it’s your black floss. Honest, it does not happen with any of your other flosses and it does not happen with any other company’s black floss. What gives?).

Side bars… well… aside. Allow me to share some goodies:

From dear Linda in the Christmas round of Fair and Square I received these lovelies—note the beading! I got beads and luscious Gloriana Silks (which she had to buy TWICE (See note below):
2010-01-25 049
Linda would like you to know that even though you NEVER put anything in the pocket of your robe, that’s where any floss that’s gone missing on you will end up. Lol Just ask her.

Linda and I did our F&Ss as a SAL. She received the following adaptation of an Elizabeth’s Designs ornament from one of the JCS issues from me (since she loves houses) and for the back I played on another love of Linda’s, samplers–
12-06-2009 050

Our dear Mylene surprised me with this –
12-06-2009 071
12-06-2009 072
Look how pretty that is! I’m a lucky ole stitcher, and that’s the truth!

For the record, I may be lucky, but I’m also bad. Baaaad, baaaaaaad stitcher. If there were stitchers houses (a la dog houses) I’d permanently be in one. When getting ready for the flight to DC I “needed” something easy for the plane (yeah, like one of a dozen things I already had wouldn’t have worked just fine) and I was itching to start the Friendly Stitchers A Stitch A Week SAL (after all, everyone else was on week 49, why rush these things) so I did. Thus far I have gotten here:
2010-01-25 027
Nice outer border, eh? Someday, there will be inner grid lines then, look out!

Then I came back from DC and I was focused on The Belt. And, it is DONE – Yes, my friends, D-O-N-E! As in woo hoo call the media!
2010-01-25 002
2010-01-25 010
2010-01-25 009
2010-01-25 008
2010-01-25 007
It’s off being made into a belt now and if I’m very lucky it will be in my hands this weekend. Cross them fingers if you don’t need them to stitch!

Post belt, I was euphoric (you know the feeling). I could do anything. I had scaled Mount Scotch Whiskey Belt and I was ready for anything. New projects beckoned me – I would finish them all. Yeah, apparently stitching a whiskey belt impairs your cognition as much as drinking the Scotch in the first place. So instead of working on any number of languishing projects, I pulled out:
2010-01-25 036
Kreinik and Ewe and Eye’s Silk Mori kit of a flower vase.

Then yesterday I started something new. I can’t show you. Sorry. I have wanted to stitch it for years, but never made time. I started it for me pending a decision on whether someone else might like it. So you just have to wait. Anyway, I started it, and then it happened. Suddenly all my stitching seemed boring. Yes, dear stitchers, I may have hit the dreaded Wall. I tried to cure it by merely putting the Secret Thing aside and started something else. Honest! I didn’t even put the first stitching back in its bag. I just shoved it over on the bed and hauled out a new thing. OMG I started Lanarte’s Arabian Woman:
2010-01-25 046
2010-01-25 047
Do you see that? Do you see it? See how big it is? Do you see how far I got? OMG I’ve lost my mind. And today at lunch I still didn’t stitch. What do I need to do, start stitching an over-1, room-sized rug to overcome my stitching blahs? Save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Well if stitching an over 1, room sized rug is what it takes to get you stitching, I say go for it!

I say while ducking as Ruth throws her latest work in progress in my direction...

Seriously, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your Fair and Square exchanges, your ornament from Mylene, and your completed "drunk" needlepoint belt. You've accomplished a lot!

So what's a few new starts? Have Fun!!!

And then shove all of the UFO's and WIP's under the bed where no one will ever see them! LOL!!!

Windy Meadow

Chris said...

If you like, we could start taking up collection of floss and the money to buy the fabric and the pattern for the Sistine Chapel and send to you. If that doesn't cure you.....
Lovely pictures, even though you apparently had to battle Photoshop to get them. Can't wait to see the "belt" actually finished into a belt.

Kathy A. said...

Oh hi stranger! How good to hear from you. I loved reading your update. I now feel quite justified in starting something new. I can never catch up to you LOL.
Thanks for the fun and laughter. Take good care of yourself.

Nic said...

Congratulations on the finishes!

Mylene said...

I enjoyed reading your latest blog post!
Both Fair and Square exchanges looks lovely.

Maureen said...

Nice f&s squares and can't wait to see the belt for real as such. It must have the confusion felt over a finish which has thrown you into startitis - that certainly affects me lol!

Loving the fabric you chose for the Friendly Stitchers SAL - looking forward to seeing this in progress

Matt E. Lee said...

Hi Ruth,

Lovely blog & beautiful picutes, please let us know at OttLite if you are still having issues and feel free to reach out to me directly at mattl@ottlite.com

Have a great rest of the week and hope all your other issues get resolved by the time you get this message.

Take Care,

Ranae said...

Call the media??!! you crack me up
The squares all look fab
What a sweet surprise from Mylene
Super nice photo's
Take Care!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Side bar: I read only this week the answer to the 310 question. DMC uses all their color 'mishaps' to make their 310 - not the right shade, send it back for 310, too dark, send it back for 310, etc. It is handled and processed many times more than other colors, thus... and it doesn't cover very well, either!

Siobhan said...

You crack me up. Even if the fumes from stitching the whisky belt did cause you to start more projects, at least they're fab and will be fun to work on. The belt looks great, btw! Love the exchanges, too.