Saturday, November 21, 2009

Titles, I don't need no stinkin' titles

Actually, I just can't think of a title. I bet you figured that out already though. You're smart like that. That's why I like you.

I'm at work. I have to be at work, right? After all, it's a weekend, therefore I must be working. Want me to tell you my secret for getting your desk cleaned on the weekend? Well, if you promise not to tell...
11-21-2009 005
You get some boxes and hold them to the edge of the counter and shovel stuff in. It's very effective... and very temporary. Hey, I got a dozen boxes of other stuff dealt with so far just by giving myself 2+ feet of level counter top (Oh, you didn't think 2 boxes clear my WHOLE desk did you? lol Silly you!).

I am being very careful though. No more a** over tea kettle tumbles with boxes. Aside from the fact that it hurts, it causes paperwork like you cannot believe (well, unless you'd ever done an a**-over-tea-kettle adventure of your own). Paperwork and annoyance. I went to my doctor. But my doctor's not a "real" doctor (aka Workers Comp doctor). So I get sent a list of doctor's to choose from. I pick the first closest one to me that says he does knees. I go to my appointment only to find my doctor's actual practice is a little removed from injured knees. he specializes in cosmetic dermatology. So, I'd have been perfectly located if I need a tattoo removed or my lips outlined. I was still just humored until he asked me what I was taking and I told him Advil. He left the room and came back in under a moment and handed me these:
11-20-2009 033
Yup, just handed me pills with no instructions, no warning labels, no nothing. Yeah, like I'm taking those. He wanted me to come back for therapy at his office -- wanna know what his therapy facilities were?--- a single, recumbent exercise bike pushed up against the wall in a hallway. Yeah, not going back there. Now, nearly a month after said tea kettle incident, I have another "initial" appointment with a new, "real" doctor on December 1st. The Worker's Comp insurance company assures me this one knows about knees. I'll keep you posted.

On happier, if not nearly as an amusing notes, I have gotten some stitching in the camera to share. Some of it much belated too. I apologize.

First of all I've been terribly lucky in the mail department lately. From Midge as part of the Ho Ho Ho Exchange --
10-23-2009 029
10-23-2009 031
Jealous? You should be! If you aren't now you will be......

... because from Faye as part of the LHN Exchange Group I received the following lovely --
10-23-2009 033
Look how perfect she is--
10-23-2009 034
And she came with this lovely sentiment--
10-23-2009 035
Yup, told you you'd be jealous, but I'm sooo not done yet.....

... because from my dear buddy Janaina I got this stunner--
11-20-2009 041
11-20-2009 042
Sure, it's pretty, but check out her back --
11-20-2009 043
Ridiculous, isn't it? How does she do that??????

Me, yes, Virginia, I have been stitching. There's nothing much wonderful to show, but I'll show you anyway. First is the floss toss for my Christmas F&S round for Linda
11-20-2009 031
I'm having an awful lot of fun wit it thus far. Linda and I are doing the round as a SAL. So far we've both stressed over picking the "proper" pattern and then losing the floss. Funny how that happens to all of us, eh?

I was home with a vicious attack of allergies and the flu for a week so a very minor bit of stitching got done a couple weeks ago. Much more progress was made during that time in my training for the napping olympics.
11-20-2009 037
Yup, I caught the ornie bug. You can tell how nappy I was given that in 4.5 days I did just those paltry examples and nothing, absolutely nothing else.

Before the advent of the allergy/flu adventure, I also spent a couple weekends early this month working at the shop. while there,, because we all have that blissful strain of wishfulness, I pulled out the framing opps for the Vierlanden though it is still only about 30% done.
11-20-2009 014
The mat, which isn't showing up well, is maroon suede. Some day I'll finish, and if I'm lucky they won't have stopped making maroon suede mats.

Mostly what I did at the shop was dust frames. Remember we had that wooden floor put in, well nobody was dusting and it was driving me nuts so I took to the framing wall with damp paper towels and determination. And I did this:
11-20-2009 016
11-20-2009 017
11-20-2009 022
And my organizational tendencies (hey-- stop laughing so loud!!!) came out--
11-20-2009 019
It really was terribly fun. Yup, I might just be a sick puppy. But I discovered all sorts of new frames and now I feel compelled to go find things to stitch for them. Have you ever done that? Stitched something because you liked the frame? I fear I actually shall do that some day.

Well, I'd best go. Do promise me that you will have a lovely rest of your day. At least do your best.


Daffycat said...

Lovely stitching, Ruth!

Cracks me up about the cosmetic dermatologist posing as a knee doctor. And what up with him giving you the medicine? That's just too weird! Better luck with the next one.

valerie said...

Wow, what great exchanges! I always wondered how Janaina has such neat backs for her tea towels...I don't think I can get it that neat!

Sounds like you've been busy! Ornies, dusting frames, dumping paperwork in boxes. Busy!!

Glad to hear your better from the cold. Hope this next doctor can do something for your knee!

Kathryn said...

Yes, that is a great frame for Vierlanden. I saw some multicolored parquet frames that I want to use for SOMETHING.

As for the drugs, hand them over. I know just what to do with them. (Put them in my medicine drawer in case of emergencies. Of course, I never HAVE emergencies, but if I broke my toe and couldn't find my phone to call 911, I have some ten year old Vicodin that may do the trick. You can tell that I hate to throw things away.)

Be seeing you.

staci said...

Oooh, look at all those lovelies you've been getting in the mail!!! The back of the towel, wow! I agree, how does she do that?

Adee aka kiwigirl42 said...

I adore the colours in your Vierlanden - would not have thought to put aubergine and lime together but they look great.what a joke about your Dr. good luck with next one.
about the SB Shepherd's Earth kit on my blog - my Mum also stitches so it will be a kit present not a finished article present ;0)

Brigitte said...

Oh man, you were certainly enjoying some nice adventutres at the doctor's. Maybe that cosmetic dermatologist could have embellished your knee in some way, who knows, lol.
That question "How does she make that?" came immediately to my mind when seeing the back of her stitching. Can a human being stitch like that, lol?

Brigitte said...

... and I fogot to say that you have stitched some lovely ornaments.

Carolyn NC said...

Ruth, I'm howling with laughter here. The dr. gave you something kin to Aleve (except higher dosage) and Zantac to be sure it didn't kill your stomach. That is just too funny! Hope you have better luck with another one! Love the exchanges and the stitching. Looks great!

Mylene said...

Lovely pieces you received lately.

Your finishes will look great into ornaments and the Vierlanden piece is sooo beautiful.

Hope you have better luck with the next doctor.

Dani - tkdchick said...

You got some amazing gifts there especially that tea towel! Wow!

Great ornie stitching!

Karen said...

love your ornies you stitched! glad you are feeling better. now i just need to get over this bronchitis. ugh.
dump those pills. god knows what they really are. UGH! what kind of dr is he?

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching, Ruth, both yours and the items that you received! Lucky you. :)

Urgh, hope you are able to get things sorted with a proper doctor!

Your Vierladen is STUNNING. Love the colors in it!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Glad to hear that you have found a "proper" doctor!

Love your exchange from Midge. Is that a stamped design in the center of the thread holder or a sticker? Did she also give you the scissors and the scissors fob? Wow! Yes, I'm being curious. :-)

The exchange from Faye is just beautiful!

And then another exchange from Janaina! You have been receiving lot's of mail! :-0

Yes, I understand organizational tendencies. While out shopping today, I need to fix displays, put clothes back on hangers etc! The ladies at Joann's told me that they will be closing tonight at 9:00pm but they will be there till 11:00pm cleaning up the store! I hate to admit, but I always loved doing stock and I would have fun cleaning up a store! LOL!!!

Love the mat for Vierlanden. So now you need to finish it before they discontinue the frame or order the mat now??? I love the silver frame but maybe something a tad bigger? It looks a little bit lost with the frame and the large design. Just my little humble opinion. :-)

Windy Meadow

Janaina said...

Hahahahahahaha.. Well, Ruth, Im just overjoyed your PIF gift has reached you finally! Sorry I was so late on this, but it arrived safe and sound, and I am really pleased you like it.
About the back side, you can do it too, girl! One day I will be knocking at your door and you teach you how to make it. You will fall from your chair when you realise how ridiculously (sp?!) easy it is! =)
Congrats on all the other gifts and finishings and wip's.*Ü*