Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hi there (Haphhazard Post 247.8)

Well, have you been busy? Have you had fun? Have you refrained from strangling coworkers? Hey! Me too!!!!!!

So far, so one of "those" weeks... err... months .... err.... years.

The Big Plan for me recently has been to finish my Constitution (Ursula Michaels "We the People") by this weekend--
11-02-2009 004
Surprisingly enough I am on target. I know, I know. A miracle and the week is still young.... plenty of time for me to muck it up. And yet I think I can make it. I have the row with the bannery-flag thingy and the final row of text and I'm done. It doesn't seem possible, but this is what you can do if no backstitching is involved!

Since I have absorbed myself in The Big Plan for the last week plus, I have been merely analyzing my other projects. I have come to the conclusion that I vacillate too much on what to stitch, but then again I might be wrong (wink). Even if I had made great strides on my other main projects of the moment I couldn't show you because they might just be for you. No spoilers here. Well, not when I'm sober anyway.

Aside from general work (to support my stash) and The Big Plan, the thing that's taken up a lot of my time recently has been dealing with the bureaucracy on my office fall. I fall, I go boom. I hurt myself. I see doctor. Oh, no, my benefits coordinator (which it took me a week to find) tells me, you must see a different doctor, your doc is not our doctor. But she's on your health plan -- oh but not *that* health plan. So you (I) need to go see these other guys benefits person says... "they are close to your office." ... why can't I see the guys on the next corner rather than the ones 2 miles away? Oh, wait, the guys on the next corner only do workers comp poisoning issues. Sigh. It's like a big black hole -- my time keeps falling into it--- swirling slowly so I can watch it dwindle into nothingness. The upshot is that tomorrow I have an appointment to see one of their "real doctors" who had better dang well agree with my doc and had better not have been lying to me about me being able to use the referral my doc gave me for therapy down the street from my hovel. Sigh..... anyone willing to wager a quarter that they were NOT lying? Yeah, me neither.

For a little humor, since you lived through the above whine -- I finally got the picture of my ice "shin guard" uploaded--
10-25-2009 002
There it is in all its book-taped glory; sliding down my leg instead of unwinding nicely so it could be replaced. For your edification: do not expect to be able to unwind several feet of booktape from your knee. There must be scissors involved. If you don't have scissors you will end up with a very chilly shin guard.

On a cooler (nifitier) front, I would like to introduce you to my LNS' new floor--
10-31-2009 004
Neat, eh? It really is lovely, and I can't help but think it will be much easier to keep clean. Mind you all the dust from the install seems to still be in the shop. I spent a goodly part of my day there this weekend wiping down frame samples. Annoying since I hate dusting, yes, but great because I get to put all the frame samples I hate the most on the bottom of the display wall ... lol Hey, I dust, I should get some perks, right?

I need to warn you I shall probably be a very bad stitcher soon. You see, I'm having this compulsion to do a sampler in greys and red. It's terrible. I just feel like I HAVE to start it. See --
10-31-2009 001
It would look cool. Mind you, I only have those little skeins of Olde Willows that are in the picture, so the colors will have to change, but I can make that happen. Oh no, I feel another WIP coming on! Save me!!!!!!!!!

Toodles for now -- behave yourself (in any manner you so choose)!


mainely stitching said...

I can one-up you on not strangling co-workers. I no longer have any! Decided with the upcoming move that now was the time to bid a (joyous) farewell. LOL!

Take care!!!

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, I could do that, too, particularly today, as he (one of my co-workers) was very successful in extending everybody's working day until 7.30 this evening. So we are all very happy - NOT.
I love the combination of red or pink and greys, looks great.

Kathy A. said...

Oh hon, I so love to read your posts. You always make me smile and the odd chuckle gets thrown in there too. America is coming along nicely. I think you may indeed be on track for a finish this week.
And those reds and greys - lovely.

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching looks great - hope you can it all sorted out soon!

Mylene said...

You have made good progress on America.

Beth said...

I do like your "We the people". The color of the fabric is just perfect for the piece. And, speaking of colors, your choices of floss look quite fantastic together - go for it! Oh, was I supposed to try and talk you out of it??

I hope you get some relief on the doctor situation and you can get into therapy. I really believe in it, and wish I was better at going to it - LOL!


Siobhan said...

Great progress on your We The People! Best of luck with the work/doctor thing. I think they make it hard in the hopes that the people will give up!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I really love your WTP! It's a really special stitch. I also love the look of the LNS - how pretty! I hope you're feeling better and that things will get settled soon.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Yes, I know about on the job injuries. Many, many years ago in my early 20's I took a bad fall at work after slipping on melted snow. To make a very long story short, three times a week I was picked up at work and taken to physical therapy where anyone else from our work also had to go that day. So, even though I could have left after my therapy was done I had to wait for everyone else (depending on how many were going that day) as it was easier to run the car/van once as opposed to take one or two of us back when we were done. I got a lot of reading done! :-)

Okay, what are you going to use the red/pink/grays on?

Windy Meadow