Saturday, September 05, 2009

Oh so much fun

But that'll have to wait til tomorrow. I'm too tired and Dell is supposed to call tomorrow morning at 7am. They were supposed to call this morning. They did not. They are vaguely sorry. They won't be able to help tomorrow either even if they do manage to call since the fix they told me to do I can't even get the machine to run the first stage of. Sigh. Soooo helpful. Thanks guys!

Anyway, I'll leave you tonight, err this morning with a starting status report for the weekend. Among other things I brought Vierlanden and Beatrix with me and here's where they started yesterday:
2009 09 04 007
2009 09 04 008
We'll see how far I get.

nite nite

P.S. A quote of the day -- Terry to a pirate amidst the Seamstresses -- "I said 'corsets' not 'corsairs'."


Ranae said...

Beautiful stitching, love the colors in both pieces

Michelle said...

Oh, both of those pieces are exquisite! Love them!!