Sunday, June 07, 2009

People are morons

Morons-- I tell you. So, picture in your mind's eye and intersection --- 5 lanes going North-South, 4 lanes going East-West. It's 5:30pm, the height of rush hour and my friend and I are the second car in the E-W direction waiting our turn at a fairly busy light (4-8 cars in each lane in all directions). The light changes in our favor, the cars in front of us and across from us head out east and west..... then suddenly, from the curbside-lane of the North-South traffic (which now has a completely dark red light-- not one of the hazy orange ones that some folks think mean "go really fast") a silver sedan pulls out into the middle of the intersection for a u-turn across all the on-coming traffic (who have the frickin green light). When the cross traffic who came screeching to a halt just shy of crashing her passenger into oblivion start honking up a storm, the u-turn bimbo looks at them like they are some sort of idiots.

Honest, I swear on all my stash, she did a u-turn against a red light from the curbside line across 5 lanes into oncoming traffic! Honest. And what did she do this for??? A parking space in front of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Never in my life have I so wanted one of the Wild Animal Kingdom tracking collars that could track the path of Utter Morons!!!!!!!!!!!

End of rant.

Hello all! It's a blissfully beautiful day here in the Far West. Am I out enjoying it? Nooooo. I'm at work. I've been moved back to 32 hours, but that's little consolation when I have 60 hours a week of work to do on average. Ok, enough whining!

Let's catch up shall we? I recently sent out some of my blogiversary RAKS. Yes, a miracle! Can you hear the choirs singing in amazement? Well, I can. Anyway, Vonna got her package:
5_21_2009 016
Since we all owe Vonna a deep debt of gratitude for Fair and Square I thought I'd make her some squares. It's a part of a Victoria Sampler pattern from Gift of Stitching magazine with the colors changed.

LindaMA also received her RAk, but I can't find the picture right now. Please, Lord, let me have remembered the picture. lol

Lynda has returned from her vacation to find my offerings of squares for F&S round 13:
5_21_2009 007
Lynda said she liked jewel tones and spot samplers, so I hauled out the rainbow and made up a spot sampler for her.
In trade, Lynda made me these lovelies:
5_27x_2009 001
Aren't they pretty? Me and my floral penchant are very grateful!

I also lately received F&S 4th of July squares from Susan:
06_05_2009 010
Susan knew I love flags so she did the absolutely perfect squares-- bless her.

All I can show you of what I've accomplished for Susan is this:
06_05_2009 009
I feel it appropriate that at least part of the 4th of July piece will be stitched in Sampler Threads "Liberty."

Other stitching fronts... hmmmm. Oh yeah! The 100th birthday party pillow is back from the finisher--
06_05_2009 017
I'm quite pleased. I can hardly wait to surprise my buddy Judy with it!

I've also finally finished the 5th needlepoint:
06_05_2009 004
The picture sucks, sorry. The green and the black border is Silk and Ivory, the bottles are Flair, the labels and caps are Neon Rays, and the writing is Fyre Works. It really was pretty darn fun to stitch, but I must say I'm itching for a canvas that requires all sorts of specialty stitching. Hmmmm I wonder what new canvas will need to be started? lol

The only in process pic I can share is my little Shepherd's Bush Fa La La sheep:
06_05_2009 003
You'll have to trust me that the white Splendor is a vast improvement over the silk they gave me that matched exactly the color of the fabric.

Back to work for now. Have yourself a lovely day!

P.S. Time Warner still sucks, but I can't give up BBC America and the Sleuth Channel--- a whole channel dedicated to mayhem and murder! Oh the joy!!!!


Anonymous said...

All of the square are so pretty!

mainely stitching said...

Oh my, oh my but you've been a very busy stitcher!!

Hey, that moron - I think she has a sister that lives around here. LOL!!

Lennu said...

You've really, really been busy! Lovely squares you have stitched and so many! Wow, congratulations on all the finishes.

valerie said...

Maybe it's a CA thing because there are plenty of morons here and I almost get run into almost everyday. Glad no one got hurt!

Wow, lots and lots of stitching! Great squares and start on sheepie.

Siobhan said...

Wow, all of those squares are gorgeous! Love the needlepoint and your other WIPs, too! YGG!!

Sharon said...

Fabulous squares!

Mylene said...

wow! All the squares looks lovely!!
The pillow turned out great.

Brigitte said...

You were definitely busy, weren't you. So many nice little F & S squares, so many different styles and patterns. Great!
Congratulations on your finishes.

Chris said...

Beautiful squares my friend. I still say you can find someone to hook up your VCR and cablebox. Hugs to you.

Kajsa said...

Love all your squares! That pillow is gorgeous too!