Saturday, February 07, 2009

Promises promises and why Noah needs an ark

Dear stitching friends, if you wish a good chuckle, adn one where you are chuckling because you completely understand where this stitcher is coming from, go check out the February 1st post by Linen Stitcher. LOL Oh, I so completely understand!

I would like to take a moment to warn ya'll that Sunday I shall have a lovely post-- A post of great happiness. Because I shall actually take the time to photo, upload, transfer, and post pics of my stitching progress. Suffice it to say that thus far I am quite proud.

Tomorrow I intend to do some cooking, but other than that I shall be spending a significant part of the day here:
1_26_2008 004
I'll be cozied up next to the stripy pillow. With any luck the sun will show up and that spot gets the perfect light for stitching. While sttiching my bare feet shall be enjoying this:
1_26_2008 007
1_26_2008 010
1_26_2008 018
Not only is this rug beautiful, but it is so incredibly soft. I just can't describe how happy it makes my feet!

Oh, and for the record, guarding the door to my happy stitching spot will be my dear companion--
1_26_2008 005

I do owe an update on the stitch in I had last weekend.... gosh it seems like so long ago! A grand time was apparently had by our little band. Here's Allison showing off her first real cross stitch-- real fabric (no plastic or aida) and a real xs and blackwork pattern... you go, Allison! (Yup, Allison really likes purple. A lot!)
2_01_2008 035
Here's Judy with ANOTHER Mill Hill Santa (she's obsessed with MH beaded Santas!)--
2_01_2008 037
And here's Jenn saying "stop taking my dang picture"--
2_01_2008 036
And here's the front of Jenn's totally stunning needlepoint --
2_01_2008 040
Yes, you can ooo. It's definitely worthy of an ooo or two.

On the Ark front:
Apparently my flower pictures from the last post were taken as a challenge by the weather. On Thursday it started raining and it has only periodically stopped since. Maybe it's February showers bring March flowers? Gads I hope it stops raining before March! Now, before you say it, I know that rain holds no candle to what some of you have been dealing with on the weather front. But rain in Southern CA is like a major event. We somehow are startled by it every time it happens-- even when we like it. And when it's as heavy as it has been for the last two days, hillsides go down (with houses on them generally), freeways stop, and flood drains-- well even a light mist overwhlems them. [BTW, is your civic storm drain system like this? I mean here it's like they don't even exist. Why have the big ole hole in the curb if it can't actually handle a few hours of on-and-off heavy rain???? Sure, I get that it'd be hard pressed for any system to handle a wekk-long hsolid storm, but we're talking a couple days with rain for maybe a couple hours at a time. Call me naive, but I think that ought not flood a city like it does here.--- off soap box.)

In one of the heavier moments this afternoon, I did venture to take some rain pics today (I wanted to go make sure everything was hunky-dorey in the gues house), but I haven't uploaded them.

Despite any possible storm implications, allow me to continue with some pretty flowers from Chez Bliss' yard.... I'm glad I took the pics when I did since now pretty much all the flowers are soggy.
1_24_2008 008
1_24_2008 009
1_24_2008 014
1_24_2008 019
1_24_2008 035
Orchids readying to bloom:
1_24_2008 041

Until tomorrow fair stitchers.....


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a blast. Great work your fellow stitchers did. Hope your weather calms down and the flowers bounce back! Looking forward to your show and tell!

Beth said...

What an incredible stitching spot - lucky you.

The stitching group sure is putting out some great looking pieces - especially Jenn's. It would be fun to have people around that stitched.

More gorgeous flowers - WOW

Annemarie said...

Now that looks like *the* perfect spot to do some serious stitching. I think I'll join you in thought, if you don't mind.
Love the flower pics, and the pictures of your fellow stitchers at work.

Siobhan said...

That is a SWEET looking stitching spot! Really nice room. I enjoyed the show and tell from your stitching group, too. You have a talented group of friends! I'm looking forward to your update tomorrow. :)

Linen Stitcher said...

Tried to comment earlier and was unsuccessful. Wanted to thank you for the shout out. (I'm blushing!) Also wanted to say what a totally fabulous rug this is. It's just perfect for the stitching studio in my dream home!