Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hi there -- catching up....

Ok, I've been really, really busy, and work has been the .... well, it has not been the most pleasant place on the planet. They did round 2 of layoffs last week. I'm still fine... for now. Bets are that the next time they'll just shut down completely. Please, economy, turn around. Pleeeeeeze.

On nice notes, I have a short while before the Usual Suspects arrive for a stitch-in. Judy and Allison are bringing a salad and brownies. Jenn's probably bringing munching veggies and possibly bread. I've got carnivorous vegie lasange and more brownies. In short, I doubt we'll faint from hunger. Wanna come? Before they all arive I thought I ought to do some long overdue updates. I'm not sure what yet, so we'll just see what happens.

Ooo, let's try and finish up Christmas this afternoon. Then maybe I can move to Resort Living tonight.

So, in no real order I bring you my final days in DC:

My sister and I wandered through Alexandria for an afternoon. Very senic place, Alexandria.
We went to Eamon's for fish and chips. Apparently they are famed for the fish and chips. Mind you they are quite lovely, especially with their homemade tartar and/or curry sauce), but what's really cool is that they decorated for Christmas in such a festive manner--
12_30_2008 274

This is Christ Church, George Washington's church--
12_30_2008 283
12_30_2008 287
I'd have more pictures but we were waylaid by a wonderful member of the congregation who told us stories about the church's history for nearly an hour. It was absolutely wonderful, but I got so enwrapt in it all that the photos lapsed. Sorry. Sometime maybe later I have to tell you the best sotry about one of their pastors from the early 19th century -- absolutely hysterical!

I just love the old tradisitons with a little bit of new.... LED lights lol
12_30_2008 291

Here's George Washington's in-town house--
12_30_2008 292
You can kinda make out ole George in the window.
And in George's side alley --
12_30_2008 295
If you squint hard and ignore the blur-- look George has got a Razor!!!! lol

It pays in life not to take your work so seriously:
12_30_2008 297

Bear with me, I like taking architecture (1. It's cool. 2. It doesn't wiggle around while I'm shootting it.):
12_30_2008 301
12_30_2008 310
12_30_2008 320

Alexandira's town center getting ready for New Years--
12_30_2008 315

Before I left I spent another couple days just wandering around Washington, DC (and stopping in museums to thaw since it was pretty darn cold for my little ole CA self).

DC getting ready for the inaugural:
1_05_2008 015

The Old Executive Office Building:
1_05_2008 023
1_05_2008 026
1_05_2008 038

Whilst driving about the city with the sister early in my stay I say this sign and I HAD to go. I swore then and there that I WOULD go to this exhibit no matter what. S, on the coldest day of my stay I got there:
1_05_2008 028
In 2008 they have a special display on confidence on stability. OMG You see, I absopositivelylutely had to go! lol
It only took 20 minutes to go through and I did read every display, but it was all worth it for that sign. OMG! And it was actually kinda neat. I found out the steps in bank take-overs... Did you knw that when the FDIC takes over a bank the vault is locked OPEN .... until they can get one of their approved vault lockers guys to come and chamge the combination?

Spotted this just down from the FDIC--
1_05_2008 040
Do you see that it's HUGE. Really, really huge. And to me the funny thing was it was on the back of the building, away from where Obama or Biden would travel. Oh well, nice thought. Bad execution, but nice thought.

One of the roof guardians on the Corcoran Museum:
1_05_2008 053

I dropped by the First ....
1_05_2008 041
1_05_2008 042
1_05_2008 049
And Second Battalion Memorials-- laregely because I'd always wondered what they were and I'd never gotten over to find out:
1_05_2008 065
1_05_2008 067
1_05_2008 071
....Dear Joshua, stay the frickin hell of all memorials you pea-brained pig.

I got to see them take the lights off the National Christmas Tree--
1_05_2008 088
I wonder if George watched?--
1_05_2008 089

And they wonder why folks look confused when trying to park in the District:
1_05_2008 092
1_05_2008 093
Jeez, it's like a word problem. I thought we'd all escaped high school math????

No trip to DC is complete without a picture of the Smithsonian castle, right?:
1_05_2008 106
Ok folks, it's 30 something degrees with a wind and there are people riding the carousel!!!
1_05_2008 107
Ack! Must be from Minnesota, North Dakota, or Lapland!

I wandered past the Hirshorn--
1_05_2008 110
And the Air and Space:
1_05_2008 112
those diamonds turn in the wind....
1_05_2008 113
The following it the top of the giant spire in front of the Air and Space Museum. When I was shooting it, I had no idea about the dove lol--
1_05_2008 116
1_05_2008 118
He looks pretty darn cold don't you think?

Air and Space now has a planet walk! You follow these poles--
1_05_2008 143
1_05_2008 147
And they tell you about the planet and show the relative size and distance of the planets based on the amount of ground they have for you to walk.
1_05_2008 152
Turst me. It's really cool.

I dropped by "my" Indian museum--
1_05_2008 155
where I lunched (Yes, the best food of the museums, but only Indians should make fry bread. Trust me. Have the salmon or the roast turkey.) and visited a special exhibit on/of Fritz Scholder. Very cool. Very interesting. The layout of the exhibit was cool in a thoroughly bafflling sort of way. You'd think you'd come to the end only to find passages to places that you were certain couldn't be there, or windows into rooms that you would swear hadn't been there a minute ago. And, no, I was not drinking anything besides soda with my defective fry bread. No pictures were allowed in the exhibit, but I knew they had one of his pieces in the permanet collection so I took that instead. I am wily in the ways of museums.
1_05_2008 161
Here's his obelisk:
1_05_2008 194
1_05_2008 196
Apparently he and his wife were in Egypt and he was so taken with the obelisks that he wanted one. The Egyptians wouldn't let him have one so he built cast his own... he even had an Egyptian transcribe he and his wife's names into hieroglyphics and put them on his piece.

I met local wildlife outside in the Museum's pond:
1_05_2008 169
1_05_2008 176
I'm calling this Duck in Motion:
1_05_2008 180

And I explored the medicine wheel they have in the garden. I have to check, but I think they have it alligned strangely--
1_05_2008 185
And yes, those are oyster shells it's set in:
1_05_2008 186

From the NMAI to the Air and Space, the Castle, and the Washington Monument:
1_05_2008 192
In case you couldn't tell, it was a very grey day, but still it was beautiful in its own dour way--
1_05_2008 202
I just fell in love with the clouds. This may not come out well, but I hope you can see how beautiful it was --
1_05_2008 208
It makes me think of Jupiter.

And finally for now. I'm calling this pair of pictures "Freedom"--
1_05_2008 209
1_05_2008 211

Talk to you later.......


Elizabeth said...

Yes I want to come to the stitching get-together! And I'm in CA too! Though I daresay we are not that close; I live just north of San Francisco. Where are you?

Thanks for sharing your DC pics...I will be in Baltimore in March for business and then afterwards, had originally planned to trek up to DC and meet a friend. Alas, it is not to be...I have budget issues and now she can't make it. :p

Congrats on surviving the layoffs...I lucked out too at my biz so far. ~Elizabeth

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I love all the photos and stories. I am sending prayers your way that you will have your job as long as you want it. :)

Cindy said...

Great pictures!

Thank you so much for giving me the kick I needed to finish up my "Gathering of Hearts" :)

mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, what a lot of pictures to admire! Thanks!!

I hope work will go better this week.

Polly said...

You are not aloud back unless you tell me you are coming so we can get together. LOL

Carolyn NC said...

Fantastic pictures, Ruth!

Siobhan said...

I would have loved to go to the stitch in! It sounds like a blast!

I loved the DC pics. My brother lives in northern Virginia so we get to DC every summer. When we were kids, my dad would give my mom a break for the day & drive us down to DC, and we'd just tour around to wherever the day took us. I love Alexandria! Such a pretty town. Your pictures are wonderful.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ruth, as usual your picutres are just fantastic!

Michele said...

Sure glad you ducked that layoff! It is ugly isn't it .. DH hasn't had any jobs for the last 6 weeks .. building has just dried up :(

Loved your pictures as always!

Sharon said...

At first I didn't understand the "Dear Joshua" comment until i looked closer. LOL

Hang in there with the job. I know what you mean as we're expected to hear of layoffs and furloughs (honestly not sure what the difference is) Wednesday of this week. Our great Governor in action!


Sharon said...

Ruth, your pictures have been awesome-I have enjoyed looking at them. I too hope that a lay off doensn't come your way.

Jennifer said...

DH and I ate at Eammon's when we were in Alexandria. SO good!!!! He's b een dying to go back