Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hey everyone!

Man, I can't count!!!! It is currently approximately 42.5 hours to the start of LosCon. Still, it is ONLY 42.5 HOURS to LOSCON!!!!!!!!!!!! Scifi bliss here I come.

Kathryn-- didn't some LASFS folks used to host Turkey-laden events for those getting left out of their home fests? Did those go by the wayside when we moved from Burbank to LAX?

Teejay-- thanks for the ideas on the stash control systems. I might try that dating thing. I have been pretty good for the last year or so at passing stash I've "outgrown" along to new homes. And recently I've gotten really good at tossing out all the spare copies I made for working copies. I used to make 2-4 copies of the ornies I really liked out of JCS so I could highlight and toss as I worked. Then I rarely highlighted and tossed. Finally I figured-- "so what's the point>" lol

Ok, everyone, I need an opinion. I'm about to start (yes, again, a new project!) a RR. I'm doing Little House Needlworks' scripture series of 12 pieces as a single piece. Below are pics of some of the thread packs on a cream linen and a parchment jobelan. Which fabric does the best job with the treads? Or, have a better suggestion? Who knows-- I might be back with more pics tomorrow. lol
LHN option1
LHN option 2

Oh and I have to share the joy of fresh stash. these goodies came in the mail today from Silkweaver:
first is Rosebud (one of the limited editions)

then Frosted Pumpkin
Frosted Pumpkin

and then two solos:
11_21_2007 008
11_21_2007 009

For those of you to whom it is applicable-- Happy Thanksgiving in advance!!! May your turkey be perfect and your veggies not burn (mom always burned the veggies... and we always forgot about the rolls until it was a shade too late to do anything with them but play stickball.)

Being thankful because tomorrow I get turkey and wild rice stuffing and olives (a Thanksgiving essential in my family) with friends and in now... errr. about 42 hours I get to go to LosCon with 1200-1500 of my closest friends lol


Barbara said...

A little excited, are you?

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving ... filled with olives. ;)

Wawanna said...

I like the fabric with your threads in the first picture, is that Parchment? Both look nice. Decisions, decisions!

tkdchick said...

Hmmm I'd go with option 2 the lighter one

Sharon said...

I like the slightly darker fabric in the first picture. Have you decided yet? Great fabrics-I have some of that frosted pumpkin on order too.