Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Presents and a stitch night

Guess what... I got Christmas gifts! :) See, I'm not the only one in the whole world that runs slow. And it was all for a reason because I've been working my tail off and I deserved a reward... well maybe I did. You can't have the gifts or the stitch night back regardless of your opinion of my worthiness!!!

Christmas presents from Momyar arrived in the mail for me. And boy, what a way to make a girl's day -- a Celtic sundail necklace, Eeyore socks and a piglet ornie! Thanks Sandy!!!!
Christmas 2006 from Momyar

Sunday night was a combined very belated bday party for stitching friends Judy and Jenn. Judy's daughter Allison joined us with her own crafting. A good time was had by all!

Allison and Jenn showing off their plastic canvas work and tallis bag (respectively)
Allison and Jenn February 2007

Me and Judy --- I'm working on the latest arrival in my mail, CSRR Christmas RR (It's a Stoney Creek pile of snowmen. Did I ever mention I don't really like Stoney Creek? Why, you ask. Well, how about 3 stitches, tie off, switch color, 4 stitches, tie off, change color, 1.5 stitches tie off. Ick!). Judy was working on some fall bookmarks. She's taking a break from a whole series of large pieces. Mind you she didn't *tell* me she was tired of large pieces until I had already bought her bdy/Christmas gifts which included a pattern of a jaguar by Kustom Kraft! Yeah, so much for small!!! lol
Me and Judy February 2007

Look what I unearthed while sifting for the party gifts in my closet. Bent Creek's United Zipper. I did this a couple years ago for my mom. It was supposed to be her 4th of July gift last year.
BC Zipper
BC Zipper
Now I just need to find a place to hang these darlings.

Currently reading: Birding Babylon and Pratchett's Fifth Elephant
Probably starting soon: Zelazny's This Immortal and a Nero Wolfe
Currently stitching dutifully on snowmen for CSRR's Christmas Robin
Deisiring fervently to finish some stitched piece!!!!!

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