Sunday, February 11, 2007

Catching up with the world

Sometimes I really wonder about the world. The whole astronaut adventure makes me terribly sad. Imagine working your whole life for something rare and amazing. And what is the picture the world now has of you in its collective memory? A horrible mug shot. No flag backdrop, no beaming smile, no cool uniform patches. There are millions of evocative words we could associate with her life -- space, stars, Hubble, NASA, nebula, atmosphere, etc., but no, the word we'll be stuck with forever now is diaper. Sigh.

Also on the "wondering about the world" front there's the CNN special I jeep seeing ads for: The Journalist and the Jihadi: The Murder of Daniel Pearl. Possibly I'm just sensitive because Daniel's father works a couple floor down from me, but I can't imagine what his family must be feeling. What's it like to have the worst day of your life repeated? Do they call and warn you in advance??-- Hey, we've got this special coming on. We'll be broadcasting ads for it all over the TV -- pictures of your son--reminders of the murder. and we'll sell DVDs of it after it airs! You want we should reserve you one? I can't imagine what that would be like. Is it good because you know on one has forgotten your loved one, or is it like ripping open a healing wound?

Ok, ok. I'll stop being morose. I can't help it what I wonder about!

I got flowers! My very wonderful sister sent them to me a part of a panceratic cancer fundraiser. Yes, I'm a very lucky little sister. :)
Mom and flowers from my sister 2/9/2007 I thought it would be perfect to pose them with a pic of mom from when we went to Banff for Thanksgiving. That's my semi-clean office counter. If only my hovel were semi-clean.

While I was taking pictures of my flowers, I took the opportunity to take shots of some of the stitching and art on my office walls. The first is a dragon I did ages ago and only had framed about a year ago. Ok, so I'm slow.

A little closer view of it:

Also in my office, but not hung up is this roses piece I did even more ages ago, but, yes, only had framed about a year ago. :) For the record, I *love* this frame!

I have a lovely gift from Momyar at Cross Stitch Pals (
From Momyar for Bday 2006

And a pair of adorables from JodyBC also of Pals:
From JodyBC

Some other time I'll show you my paintings. :)

I also received a wonderful Christmas gift from my buddy Julie. She knows me too well. I gotta say I just love this shirt!!! lol
Christmas from Julie 2006
Christmas from Julie 2006

Currently stitching: CSRR Christmas RR; Vierlanden mystery sampler
Wanting to start a pendibulle, humbug, and a Quaker sampler
Recently finished reading: Trouern-Trend's Birding Bablyon very nice... I need to go find his blog; Pratchett's Fifth Elephant fun as always; Hillerman's -- Dance Hall of the Dead engaging and thoughtful without horrid gore
Currently reading: Stout's The Rubber Band; Zelazny's This Immortal; Philip Deloria's Playing Indian

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