Friday, September 23, 2016

Yes, I am terrible.

I am always apologizing.  Sigh.   I don't believe that badgers in the wild do this.  Then again I'm pretty certain feral badgers don't have friends and don't stitch or read, but who knows what they really get up to in those setts!

Since last we met I've been doing a little galavanting.  Most recently I was in Kansas City for WorldCon -- oh happiness.   If only every day were WorldCon.

In typical MB (Musing Badger) fashion, I started planning "packing" a month out by selecting reading and stitching options.

But what actually made the flight was:

And this PILE of stitching options:

Now I was very proud of how much I trimmed from the original packing stack of stitching, but this was still silly.  I ended up finishing the angel needlepoint that Missy has her right paw on and two and a half xs ornies.  I was definitely prepared in case emergencies dictated I stay in Kansas City for another ... err.... month.  Whhhhy don't I ever learn?  Do you do this to yourself too?    There are items in that pile that I took one look at and said "I don't want to do this!"  Now I had to have known that somewhere in my brain the couple days before when I packed them, right????

I have to share a little hotel humor too which I hope will bring a chuckle to dedicated Coke/Pepsi brand fans everywhere.   This was the vending machine on my floor.  And a quick glance at it lead me to believe that as a Diet Coke fan I was out of luck.

But here are the actually offerings in the machine.  LOL   Poor Pepsi.  They definitely got the short straw on this one.

I have only good things to say about the Kansas City Convention Center.  It is logically (mostly) arranged, fairly easy to navigate, and it welcomed me (and 4,300 of my best friends) well --

And even better -- at the top of the escalator in the dealers/exhibits space we were met by this sign.   This is why my conventions are better than anyone else's!

Giant spacemen also greeted us :)

And giant Christmas ducks, and a river with parks along it (this park sponsored by New Zealand

I'll be back again soon with more news from the road trips.....   I swear (but you've heard that before, I know.)!


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Yep! I overpack, too. I overpack clothes, shoes, and projects. I always think I'll get more done than I ever actually do. You sound like you accomplished quite a lot though and had a good time, too!

Pull the other thread said...

Wow that is an impressive stack of stitching. The one thing I always tend to do is pack non-fiction books that I convince myself I will read but then I just buy a puzzle book and do that instaed and the books never get a look in.

Susan said...

My first priority in packing is books and I spend more time choosing them than clothes. My rule of thumb is a book for every day of actual travel plus three per week of the trip. Have to admit that having an e-reader has taken some of the fun out of planning.

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