Monday, June 20, 2016

Teach a Publisher a Lesson (and enjoy yourself at the same time)

Gentle Reader -- In case you hadn't heard there's a flurry of nonsense in the publishing world.  It seems that in general publishing houses are cutting back their rosters -- most especially onerous is Random House/Berkley Publishing Group and what I can only call their "attack" on the cozy mystery genre.  I can hear you now, "And why, Ruth, do stitchers care?"

Well you care, my friends, among the writers dropped by The Morons of Penguin was Monica Ferris.   Monica, too perfectly wonderful for words, Ferris.  If you haven't read her, shame on you!   She writes the absolutely perfect Crewel World mysteries series based around a lovely needlework shop in Minnesota.  Ms. Ferris, is guilty of making me laugh out loud numerous times, and I am fairly certain she has a hidden camera in my LNS because I swear I know these people she writes about.

Anyway. that's by way of introducing my point of the day.  a bunch of people have banded together to host a Cozy Mystery Readathon next month.  24 hours (or any portion thereof) dedicated to the joy of reading cozies, talking about them all over social media, and hopefully impressing upon publishers what utter and complete idiots they are.  Links to sign up and follow all the excitement are:

Save Our Cozies Facebook  there's always lots of chatter and conviviality in that group (if you join the group, on its files page they keep a running list of what authors and series have been cancelled and such plans for said series as they know)

Save Our Cozies Readathon blog   with instructions on how to sign up

Save Our Cozies Readathon Goodreads Group

If you care to, come and join -- you may find new friends and new authors, and maybe even some will become both at one time.  There are nifty prizes in the readathon too, but mostly it's just fun to "virtually" hang out with people who love words as much as you do.

In the other part of the world.......

It's been pretty here in Northern VA.  Lunch today was a picnic in Rock Creek Park on the way back from Johns Hopkins.

A dinner of misc nibbles (and my thoroughly yummy cucumber/tomato salad) was accompanied by a lovely environment ,,,,,

A little stitching has happened.  I've made small bits of progress on Painted Pony's Home of the Brave canvas --

I've been at her for years.  Yes, i know that's embarrassing, but it's true.  I did parts and then put her away.  Then I'd haul her out for an afternoon and then she'd go away again.   I think because she (and her sister canvases which I also own) are for me, they don't ever get their time n the sun.  But since it's trip time, lots of small canvases came out to play.   At the moment she lacks the stars (allegedly those are supposed to be beads but I think that might be too much give that nothing else is beaded and it's not like the stars are a focal point), the trees, the eyes, the blue dots in the skirt, and the wings.   I'm planning to send her to a finisher who does amazing shapes without the stitcher have to round things out with background or even give takeaway rows.   Let's hear it for our awesome finishers!

Also likely to get some needling soon is LK Flip-It Holly --

I've also been at this an absurd amount of time -- something like 6 months at least.... maybe a year.  And, yes, I did change the colors on this one.  How observant of you.   Look how close she is!   I know I can hammer her out.

I want Brave and Holly done for their own sakes but also so I can start a needle in Think by Kathy Schenkel--

As you can see she's all kitted out and ready to go.      I also have Holly's Flip-It partner, Stocking kitted up and ready to start too.   In short, I'm itching for finishes so I can earn new starts.

But as much as I want to stitch I am currently obsessed with reading.  It's one of those months where my Nero Wolfe shirt "Go to hell I'm reading" is indicative of my motto.   Anything that interrupts my reading --- meals, friends, emergencies, dinner, work, etc is too annoying for wards.

Half of today was spent at Johns Hopkins with The BIL, and they have some nice art there.  This "lace" is one elevator lobby --

Every time I've gone this installation makes me smile.

Until tomorrow...... go on, go sign up for the readathon now  :)  


Stitching Accomplished:
nearing completion on Painted Pony's "Home of the Brave" canvas

Reading Completes:
Franklin W. Dixon -- The Missing Chums
M.C. Beaton/Marion Chesney -- The Flirt

Reading Actively in Progress:
Ngaio Marsh -- Black As He's Painted

Stitching Finishing Hopes:
Home of the Brave

General duties I need to remember:
Cookie baking!  Sheesh I need to get going on that before my BIL runs out of the chocolates I brought him.
Garden tending---must stay up to date with my watering!
Plan a cocktail hour for local friends -- drinks and giggles, that's the plan.
Make it over to The Waste Knot to pay my respects (and practice trickle down economics)
Work.  Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Preeti said...

Looks like you are having a great time there :) I cannot stitch with so many flowers and greenery around, I will just enjoy the sight. Your stitching is going great too even with so many distractions you are having right now.
I am not aware of these books but I will take a look. I have picked up my reading hobby again but it is nowhere comparable with your pace.

Brigitte said...

I love reading cozies and monica Ferris' series has been one of my favorites from the beginning.
Nice projects you are stitching on.