Friday, February 27, 2015

SFS February: Forecast dismal, but stash acquisitions on the rise!

Due to the continued influence of the 80%-off bin at my shop, I continue my dismal Stitching from Stash trend from last month --

Month:  February 2015
Earned: Monthly allotment = $25;
Earned by stitching = 0 -- not a darned penny/farthing/rupee/yen
Spent:  $25.40
Hold Over from last month:  -$47
Grand total year-to-date: -$72.40

Anyone want to take odds on March being a better month?   Yes, I don't feel it is a very safe bet either.  

But, Gentle Reader, I may be a shopper, but I have also been a stitcher lately.  I got a whole bouquet put in Ethel courtesy of embellishments and beads by Sundance--  and I plane some serious hours this weekend on the sky, the remaining sheep, and possibly the head scarves.

I finished the stitching on a king from Boothy's Kings and Queens (and I just might feel his backstitching and a buddy for him coming on for this evening!

a couple rows of penguin fanny happened on one ornie --  this is by Vee and Co and I call it "big tree"-- as it nears completion, you will see why.

I worked out what to do with Mrs.' uneven bands of pink  (some of those vertical stripes are 4 across while most of them are 5-- vexing, I tell you, vexing!)--

This ornie by Full Circle Designs "Ho! Ho! Ho!" was going to be my "earnings" for finishing this month, but as you can see, that didn't happen.  Oh well-- leg up on March I guess!

And then there was my downfall..... The Dreaded 80%-off Bin.  Frankly I am beginning to think of it  as The Badger''s Play Bin because I have such fun in it.

I picked up this Ruth Schmuff piece with stitch guide (which, yes, I shall probably stalwartly ignore).  I plan on doing this as an ode to my reading "club" that went on the Bouchercon adventure with me last year-- So Many Books, Elaine, and I.   It might be a pillow eventually or possibly a bag insert.

I also picked up this scissors case from the bin.  I'll be switched if I can remember at the moment who it is by.  I plan on doing it as a pair of especially sparkly ornaments like shields in honor of my friend who lost her battle with leukemia last year.

I also got 2 identical little yellow chick canvases (if I have one, my sister will want one too), but the picture once again INSISTS on being sideways.  Maybe this weekend I will be able to work out why this is happening, or, more likely, simply retake the pictures that are behaving badly.

I wish you a happy weekend filled with stitchy joy.  I have big plans to lounge about, clean, stitch, read, and generally do my best not to get out of my PJs.  I hope I'm more successful at that than I am at cleaning my desk or winning the lotto!

Hey, just for laughs and because I'm in one of my list-making moods, let's see how I do.  Here are my hopes for the weekend:

  1. cleaning
  2. chili or spaghetti making
  3. 4 books finished 
  4. 2 ornies done   --- I'm aiming for Ho Ho Ho and one of the LKs I have started but currently can't find (see item #1 on this list!)
  5. progress on:
    • Ethel
    • Ellen's flag
    • Boothy's Kings and Queens
    • Serenity Harbor
    • the needlepoint flag
Cross your fingers for me and I'll see you next week!


Linda said...

Love your new stash Ruth. Nice progress.


Deb said...

Hahaha! Love your post title!
Love all you canvases! Very pretty work!

cucki said...

Lovely new stash dear xx

Esmeralda said...

Love your beads projects
Never seen them excapt for mill hill kits
You have some unusual projects on your hand
Love that
Look forward how it goes with your plans for the weekend
Wish you a happy weekend

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Great intro to your post and I like your new stash.

Thoeria said...

Had me chuckling again Ruth :D I'd say you can safely go ahead and dub it your play pen:D
Great new stash.....and your beaded canvas piece is amazing!

Gillie said...

Oh Ruth, wiping tears of laughter from my eyes! You really will have to 'earn' some cash to pay off that National Debt, lol! But, fair dos as we say in my home country, you certainly have been stitching!

Preeti said...

Lovely stash!! Enjoy your weekend :)

Justine said...

Oh Ruth you almost made me snort coffee down my nose reading this! So so funny. You go girl in the Play Bin, you're getting some beautiful stash and I'm sure some finishes can't be far away!

Tama said...

Your stash is awesome - I didn't even try SFS, knew I would fail!
If you open your pics in a program like Paintshop, then hit save, they will upload right side up. It's something to do with your camera, I forget... but that will fix it.