Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SFS and Smalls Stitching (aka as Smalls to the Rescue)

Here we are -- it is both the final day for reporting January Stitching from Stash "accomplishments" and the January reporting check-in day for the Smalls SAL.  And, as luck would have it they go hand-in-hand for me this month.

SFS Report:
Month:   January
Spent:    $59   ( I CAN EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Earned:  $12
January Financial Summation:  -$47
Overall January Summation:  Sigh.

So, gentle readers, here were my shopping downfalls-- explanations will follow......  

You see my needlepoint store does one sale a year.  Just one.  365 days in a year and we have only 14 of them where we have merchandise discounted.  It is always just after TNNA, the big needlepoint/needlework tradeshow in January.  What's a girl to do??????   Usually I go to TNNA with the shop crew, but this year they moved the show up two weeks and I was still back east while they were glorying in the wonders of new stuff in Phoenix (apparently a lot of the wonder was that there was not a lynching of the guy who *had* to smoke in the men's room at the conference center, got caught, and threw his lit cigarette into the trash can thus catching the trash on fire and forcing the evac of the center and the extreme ire of the vendors who were in the middle of taking many orders).
So, usually I'm at the show and getting in PLENTY of trouble while I'm there, but this year I got in trouble in the shop at the sale.   All the above canvases were freshly dumped in the 80%-off bin!   Can you believe it?  I couldn't help myself!   Oh, come on!  You know you couldn't resist either.   Heck, that Ewe and Eye reindeer I actually already have as an XS pattern and still I couldn't leave it be!.... the stitch and thread options will be way cooler for it as a needlepoint anyway.

All that means that by the middle of January I had ONLY spent $34 on three needlepoint canvases (yes, $34 for all three canvases!!!!!), and I was already over budget.  Those of you with keen eyes will note that the Thanksgiving canvas has an array of threads on it.  Wellllllll, there I was $34 already spent, and then I remembered that my friend, Jean, was working at the shop last weekend and she'd done this amazing Fall rooster, so I grabbed my new Thanksgiving piece and trotted it off to have her help pick threads because the ones on the stitch guide that came with the piece were just not going to cut it.   Cha-ching.... another $25 in threads for a canvas that I won't even start anytime soon (at least I think I won't, but I taped it so maybe.....).

I will fess up now that it would be even worse for me if it weren't for the fact that I pay wholesale for those threads.   Can you imagine how shamed-faced I would have to be at full retail?????

Now for the Smalls SAL Report -- Also known as:  Smalls to the Rescue!

 After the ramifications of my two week's of shopping adventures really dawned on me, I began a frantic (and doomed) rescue campaign of trying to get some stitching done to help counteract my spending.  In the last 10-12 days I have started and finished these darlings which will all become ornies for Christmas this year.:

The pair of bells is for me and my sister in honor of our mom who was in the church bell choir for years (so was I --- I miss those bells!).  The pattern is from one of those 365 patterns books... I'll look it up for you later.  They are done in Belle Soie save for the light red which is a Sampler Thread.  For the record this is Bell #2--

I think we probably all recognize the glorious fun that is a JBW tree.  In Belle Soies and it's all mine!   At least for right now I think I get to keep it.

Bell #1

That is what I have been up to.   I am now going in search of either Shopping Blinders or a spine to help me be more balanced in February.

Oh, on the reading front, I have to say that I am really liking King.  I'm shocked I tell you.  Shocked.  I was a fan of his stance in support of genre fiction (in the face of "literary" fiction snobs), but I was always certain he was not for me -- I have a very willing suspension of disbelief which makes me exceedingly prone to getting freaked by books/TV.  Mind you, it's early pages yet since I've been stitching nonstop, but I am happily impressed. 

Sally forth and have a great day!


Lisa Dunn said...

Shocked! I tell you, I'm just shocked! (Fanning myself like any proper southern lady would when she finds herself shocked) lolol

I love your haul! You can't beat all that good stash for just $59! So, you just did good. Overbudget, but worth it. That's my opinion anyways. :o)

Your smalls are very pretty. Good job on the finishing!

I enjoy reading Stephen King. I haven't read that novel yet, so I will be looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

Stitch on! :o)

dee holley said...

Those canvases are stunning and the Thanksgiving one made my mouth water! As I was explaining to Grand #3, that's when I know I want to stitch mouth waters! LOL

Barbi said...

Oh Honey!!! You go and empty out that 80% bin, cause I would have been clawing my way over you to get at it too!! LOL Nice haul.
Love your finishes as well.
I tend to freak myself out with certain books too. So I try to stay away from them, or read them on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the middle of the day.

Caitlin D said...

You have more self-control than you're giving yourself credit for. Trust me. Wonderful haul you managed to get. 80% off?!?! I agree that it couldn't be helped. ;-)

Linda said...

Love all your new stash Ruth. Congrats on the great finishes.


Meari said...

Nice stashing!

You had some great finishes for January as well. Kudos!

Preeti said...

Cute finishes!! You got lovely stash :)

SueFitz said...

Beautiful stitching - new follower - looking forward to see what comes in future months.

Thoeria said...

80% off bin???? Oh my goodness!!! I would never have been able to resist either! I'm a selfr declared sale-junkie! I guess it's a good thing that there is no store close to me that sells the things I love or I'd be blowing through the year's budget in a month!
Cute little are you going to finish off the bells? Pillows? Flat?

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

With an 80% off bin, you did well to restrain yourself to what you did. I love the thread colours you bought as well.

Angela P said...

Lovely new stash and smalls finishes too! I've always been a King fan!

llknbillburg said...

Sometimes those good intentions just have to be thrown out the window!! (I hope you will remind me of this when I go on a shopping spree later in the challenge!! LOL!)

Great deals and I wouldn't have been able to pass them up either. At least you were able to maximize your discount!!

Your finishes are lovely! Laura

Gillie said...

Oh dear, oh dear, what IS Mel going to say? She'll be fanning herself for sure, with the shock.......! Not a needlepointer but can definitely see the attraction of 80% off. No help for it, they will have to move TNNA to later in the year..!

And boo hiss to Nicotine Nutcase..