Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Goose, Jay, Books: A Mini Report All 'Round

Greetings gentle reader.  I bring you glad tidings of tiny stitching adventures.  Well, I bring you the best that I can given that I can't show you two of them as they are exchanges.  Sigh.  Such is the way of the world in the pre-holiday season.

First off, I have to say Bouchercon was marvie!  Truly, you should have been there.  There will be more to come in future days on the con, but for now allow me to explain one of my personal joys of conventioning-- stitching during panels.  I sit in the conference room stitching in hand, snacks and  and little notebook for writing down books I need to find and brilliant/funny stories/quotes balanced on one knee.  And while I sit there people entertain me with bookish stories.  I tell you it's flipping fabulous!

I cannot show you a great deal of my Bouchercon stitching progress because, as we discussed, it is largely secret.    What I can show you is what I consider grand progress on my goose -- 

I need to finish the "L" in the dark blue and do the backstitching and he will be DONE!!!!

Next up in the minis will be, I believe,  this little blue jay who I have loved for years and never gotten around to.  2014 is finally his lucky year.

For the record, I only need one of  the multiple rusty browns, but I could not decide when I was kitting him up which one would be best.

I will leave you with a Bouchercon teaser-- my little collection of freshly-signed J.A. Jance books.  She was our Guest of Honor.  Jealous?  You should be, she tells cracking-good stories about writing and publishing!


Justine said...

That sounds like fun! Your goose is looking lovely. Can't wait to see the jay! I've been doing secret stitching too...

Giovanna said...

Lovely goose - nice going!

Preeti said...

Your goose is looking nice. Glad to know that you had a lovely time :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ruth

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
Your stitching is lovely and what great sounding books!
Have a good weekend x

Thoeria said...

Oh I can't wait to see the Jay :) And your goose looks lovely!
Am I jealous.....yes! Who wouldn't be! Ah to have one of those here!