Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finishing, Finding, and Starting Anew

Hello and happy Wednesday unto you and yours.  May it be peaceful and frog-free.  I am aiming to be happy the whole live-long day (despite what my corporate IT department may be doing to my server-- there's a story, but I can't even face it right now).

So, to go with the happy theme-- look who rustled up her pictures!

Here's Workbasket's Penguin Quaker back from the finisher  His backing is navy moire taffeta with burgundy, navy, and white cording.  He is, for the record a standing weighted piece, but I couldn't properly photograph him in Chez Hovel's light if I stood him up.

And Susan Roberts' Chef Nutcracker is home from the same finisher -- also standing weighted with a moire backing--

Another recent "finish" is Theron's Berry Bird from one of the older JCS ornament issues.  Now "finish" is iffy -- really he's a recent "find."  See I completed his stitching and put him someplace "safe" and "out of the way."  In Chez Hovel that translates to I lost him.  Once lost I could not remember if I had finished him or not, so he stayed on my UFO list.  Now that I look at him, he might not be done after all.  Please note:  now eye.  But it is not all that bad empty is it?   I mean it is just a little ornie who is, frankly, just going to spend most of his life in a box with other ornies. Do you think they will give him a hard time about being eye-less?  Damn.  I am NOT moving him back tot he UFO list!!!!!  He either goes without or gets fixed tonight.  Thoughts?

I have been having Fall cleaning season at Chez Hovel, and one of the beneficiaries was Tish's Ladies Day.  She got unearthed and hauled along tot he shop this weekend.  and she even got *gasp* stitched on!  I filled in the first part of the sand stitch in between the women shown --

But, before I get too congratulatory, I also started something new.  Well, I had to.  You all made me.  I started Plum Street Sampler's Mary's Sampler.  I am going with Sampler II on it and doing it on a plum linen.   Sure, I am changing some colors (mostly because they were not in the floss box when I looked for them) -- it would not be me stitching if I didn't switch some colors up.

Finally, because I know it is Fall in most of the country.  But here in sunny So Cal I'm looking at a 90 degree day.  Anyone want a few degrees?  In honor of my later summer, I bring you all some sunny floral thoughts ----

Now go have a peaceful day!   Thanks for stopping in.

Oh, and if you posted on my blogiversary post, check the post below this one to see if you are a winner!


Scattered Threads said...

Your finishes from the finisher are lovely. I say, fix the eye…It looks like only one stitch or one bead, or french knot.
I like what looks like needlepoint, southwest piece too. Very pretty.
TFS and I enjoyed reading your post.
Take care,

so many books said...

The penguin is stunning. and the new start is a most tantalizing promise of good things to come.

Shelleen said...

All of your finishes are lovely.

Giovanna said...

Great stitching on everything - congrats on the finishes!

Mylene said...

Oh what beautiful finishes and so neatly done!!

cucki said...

Wow beautiful stitching on all the lovely projects...
Big hugs x

Mii Stitch said...

Great stitching & beautifully finished! That little penguin is just adorable :)

Marsha said...

I'm with scattered threads, the bird needs an eye. I vote black bead.

Karen said...

I think little birdie needs to be finished into a cute little pillow ornament finish with fabric on bottom of Jim with some lace and button. ;-)

Love Crochet said...

Perfect! Just perfect in every way, great work.

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Syed Kazim Ali said...

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