Monday, April 09, 2012

*I(@$#&^$*@ Framer

It was a really straight-forward job.  All he had to do was stretch the piece, cut the mat, insert the plexiglass, and stick it in the frame.   But could Mr. Custom Framer do that?   Nooooo.   He padded Beatrix, then matted and framed her.  One of the key reasons for the flipping matting was to protect the hundreds of beads on the piece.  That is completely negated by PADDING THE DANG stitching.

I apologize, there are actually pictures of the debacle, but I was too annoyed to download them this weekend.  Probably tomorrow -- If I'm not out slapping him around for being a moron.

So Beatrix is going back to him with the exact same CLEAR instructions he had the first time -- with the addition that I expect him to unflatten all the beads that are now laying on their sides.

Damn fool ruined my weekend.     I should have learned when he framed one of my pieces with the back of the stitching out instead of the front.   Sigh

So, in the sisterhood of stitcher annoyance -- Hove you ever had a framing boondoggle?


Margaret said...

Oh dear. I do have to laugh though -- he actually framed one of your pieces with the back showing instead of the front?! Geez! Sorry about the framing debacle. Hope he can fix it. :(

Jeanne said...

I think we ALL have a framing story or two! One of my worst was taking apart a small piece I had done at Michael's many years ago and found they never stretched or mounted it at all! They had merely folded the sides under and stuck it in there under the glass! Now I am extremely picky about stuff and only will go to a couple places....I pay more but saves me the aggravation. Good luck with getting it fixed!

Anonymous said...

How horrible, when you've put so much love and energy into it!! I once went to pick up three pieces from the framer but came home empty handed because all three had something wrong with them and had to be redone... Luckily I have found a wonderful framer since! Hope you will too!!

Jenny said...

OMG - he seriously framed your one piece with the back side facing forward!? Holy cr@p!!!! LOL I guess that it can really be seen as a huge compliment to your stitching skills, though. ;-)

Weell... he does sound like a real character. Will you be giving him a third chance?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well, your backs must be really neat if he couldn't tell the difference!
The worst thing I ever heard was a woman who took a heavily beaded Mira to a new framer who was half the price of her usual person. They HEAT-SEAL LAMINATED the piece like it was a poster or something!!!!
They'd just cut the edges of the fabric off so when she took it to her usual framer to rescue it there were no margins to stretch either.
I pay quite alot for framing when I get it done professionally but it's worth every penny. Most of my smaller stuff I do myself though.

Shebafudge said...

Crikey! I would be fuming! I hope he sorts it out quickly and properly. Thankfully I haven't had any disasters as I frame my own work.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hmmmm. Backwards? Really? what a dick! however in his defense, your back must be immaculate!
Many years ago I decided that if I wanted something framed the way I wanted it framed that I should do it myself, and so I do and I also do work for others along with a local Gallerie where some stitchers in the area take their pieces. The only problem we (the Galerie and I) have had is when I am working on a piece, order the mat without taking the piece in and the mat is cut to the horizon rather than the portrait as hoped for,,,but in the long run I win coz I usually get the fumbled mat anyway and because I typically go suede, I typically come out ahead.
I do know of someone who went to an overpriced stitching salon to have her piece stretched with pins very crookedly and the wrong direction in the frame.... of the wrong size.
Communication is a huge factor!
I wonder how much these businesses rely on word of mouth???
Be always in stitches.

Deb said...

Oh I think that we've all been through something like that with a framer. I have a piece that sags horribly but the frame shop is too far away for me to just jump in the car and run it over there.

I hope that Mr. *&$%^& Framer does a better job for you! I can't believe he framed that way. I can't stop shaking my head.

Mouse said...

ohhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ..... can't he read instructions ?????
hope you manage to get it sorted out there is nothing worse than it not being framed right .... (so far I've been lucky ) love mouse xxxxx

Veronica said...

Um... I know it shouldn't be amusing but I had to laugh at the fact that he framed your piece back to front. I guess your back is just too neat for him to mistaken it as the front. I'm so sorry that he muck up the framing again. Hope you get it fixed soon.


Maureen said...

OMG - I am reading your comments in shock,
a. how can someone frame something backwards
b. laminating! oh sweet jesus

thankfully i have never had any bad framing experiences - they have always made my work look fabulous and worth every penny.

Donna said...

Oh dear. I seriously hope you have another option for a framer in the future!

My problems with framers are mostly of time variety. Yes. It will be ready in 3 weeks. More like 9! WHAT!
Be honest with me when I drop it off, please.

Other than that. There was the time I requested padding. Pickup up the piece. No padding. Because you have to supply the padding material! No one told me that when I dropped it off.

Seems like communication is the real issue.

Thoeria said...

Oh Yikes!!! I hope he's not going to be charging you extra to fix up his debacle!

Still trying to figure out how he manged to frame one of your pieces the wrong way round - your backside must be pretty good looking :-D

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