Monday, March 19, 2012

Would it be blasphemy?

It's Monday morning -- anyone  disagree with a little rearrangement of the week?--
"... on the Seventh Day he rested.
And on the Day Following he stitched to his heart's content."

Yes, dearies, I did not want to be going to work this morning.  But the Lord did prove it was not my day to hang around stitching and whining about day-time television because as my commuter bus curved one boring corner, there was a rainbow.   Yes, a Monday morning rainbow.  I perked right up.

Remember last weekend.  No, not the one we just had, but the one before?  Well, The Country Club (aka my needlepoint stitch group) was scheduled to have Ruth Birthday Fest 2012, but everyone in the Club save me was sickly.  Gratefully, they did not share any of their germs with me, but they did make it a lovely day.  I mean check it out --

Cake AND chips.  What more could a girl want?   Ohhhh, that's right!  STASH!!!!!!!   I got that too.

They gave me the Lani canvas I had been coveting.  They would like you to know that they mostly gave it to me because they love me, but they also did it for themselves-- it hung in direct eye sight of the stitching are and they all find it creepy. Since they gave it to me they figure they don't have to look at it any more.

Also they gave me a little A'Tuin--
For the less Pratchett-y of us, that's a turtle needle magnet.

Gotta run--I have corned beef and cabbage to heat!

hugs and happy stitching!


Margaret said...

Oh how nice is that! Glad you had a nice get together without getting sick. Love that turtle needle minder!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love your turtle, now all you need is a few elephants!
I agree with your friends, the canvas is weird. Hubby can't stand anything which seems to be watching him! I used to have two elf head shelves on my wall and he hated them. When we moved in together they never came out of their box.

Beth Pearce said...

Tasty goodies and stash, you can't beat that for a birthday celebration! I am glad they were so nice to you.

Veronica said...

What a darling turtle magnet. Glad to hear you're able to enjoy yourself without getting sick too. I think the canvas looks a little eerie too but to each her own :)


Meari said...

Well, what a great birthday!! I wish I had a group of gals I could stitch with. Happy Belated Birthday!

And a rainbow, how cool is that?