Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hey everyone, Eeyore here

Hi folks. Little ole sickie me is here for a bit. The Eeyore comment is because when sick, I sound like Eeyore. For the record, I would recommend avoiding whatever is going around. I seem to be maybe back to 75%. Let's hope it is just up, up, up from here.

I want to thank you all for your kind comments on An Interview with a Dork. And for all the semi-hesitant volunteers. lol Since Barbara volunteered despite being already interviewed, what say we let her rest on her previous interview laurels? I'll contact Beth, Cynthia, and Chris seperately to get the ball(s) rolling on those interviews. Thanks guys!

As to what I've been up to, not much besides hacking and raising the price/share of Kleenix--- you're welcome if your a shareholder, you might get a short cruise out of my plague. I've been home in bed 8 of the last 14 days and I've stitched some on maybe two of those days. Mostly it's been napping and watching DVDs on the laptop. I had to resort to the laptop becuse the *@#(@&$&#&!@*( cable went out and my cable company (Time Idiocy Incorporated Warner) took a full week to get it fixed. Oh well, it's not like there's anything on anyway. I can give you the helpful hint that if you're home feeling miserable possibly the best plan of action isn't to watch the entire series of Painkiller Jane DVDs---- it's not like it was the world's most uplifting show. After maybe 4 hours I found myself wondering why I felt so depressed... welll duh!

Ok, so stitching. Before coming down with the plague (that's how I refer to all my illnesses, please do not freak) I started a new office project (that's what I leave in my desk drawer for when I forget to bring something to work on at lunch):
2_16_2008 048
I'm going to do it on Summer Sky over-dyed jobelan instead of the hideous aida. So far I have gotten the black tip in on the feather to the left of the wolf's chin.

I also "had" to start:
2_19_2008 023
And here's progress on that from more than a week ago --
2_19_2008 026
I've gotten a significant bit more done, but then I got sick and he's been languishing.

I have recent progress to report on my Me, Myself, and I RR (I'm in community 2) -- I have settled on doing the LHN garden cottages. I'm doing them over-1 on an over-dyed green jobelan. I'd have a picture if I weren't lame/sick.
I'd also have pictures of my Taking the 5th and powwow shawl dancer needlepoint progress if I weren't sick/lame. Something for you to look forward too.

Oh, I have some LONG overdue pics of finishes:
This is a make-up square for Chris
11_16_2008 003
As a surprise for her, before I sent it back to her I had our mutual buddy, Judy, stitch another of the available squares:
11_16_2008 004
And here's Herbert -- my last office project:
11_21_2008 003

More soon, maybe....... Remember, don't catch this bug!


Linen Stitcher said...

I keep considering having an office project, too. Being the one-project-at-a-time stitcher I am, though, every time I start a project for this purpose, I just keep going and finish it.

I'm thinking maybe a huge Quaker would be a good office project, since it would only have one color and since I couldn't possibly finish it quickly. Whaddayathink?

Linen Stitcher said...

P.S. Sorry to hear you're sick. Feel better soon!!

Kendra said...

re: Time mom could give you an earful about them. She went through a lot of hoo-ha with them during the recent ice much so that my dad had to get on the phone with a supervisor and explain the mechanics behind generators and cable TV systems and how one does not depend on the other.

Cute little snowmen and month squares! Love the HIH snowman especially!

Feel better soon

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like you have had the plague. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon. Finishes look wonderful!

Paisley said...

Hope you're at 100% soon!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

I received your email but I don't have your email address! Please send so I can reply directly to you.

Windy Meadow

Siobhan said...

Get better soon!! Wonderful progress on your stitching projects despite being so sick. :) YGG! Hope you're 100% soon.

Chris said...

I have to agree with Ruth on one thing, she does sound like Eeyore when she's sick, poor thing. I hope you are soon back to 100%.

Love "Herbert", he is adorable. And, a question, what floss are you using on the 2001 Christmas Keepsake Snowman? It looks like a fatter-than-DMC thickness yarn, or is it just because you zoomed in with the camera.

Beth said...

I am sorry that you are feeling so yucky. I have had that plague and I know it is a nasty one!!

I love your snowman, and will be interested in seeing how the at work project works. I did that for a while, but realized I wasn't getting anywhere with the project, so I quit.

I thank you for your interview, and I have been very good and answered the questions!

Sally said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Love your WIPs.

There's a PIF on it's way to you at long last!

Brigitte said...

You were doing some nice progress on your projects. A finished snowman and another one in the process ... does that mean that you still have winter like we do over here?
I love the wolf project very much. I'd like to stitch more wolves but there's always some other project coming first.
It's good to hear that you are on the mend.

Beth said...

Ruth- I forgot to tell you, we are flying into the Santa Ana airport, and are staying in a hotel in San Clemente. We are going to spend some time traveling, but we have no real schedule at this time.

Beth said...

Ruth- I forgot to tell you, we are flying into the Santa Ana airport, and are staying in a hotel in San Clemente. We are going to spend some time traveling, but we have no real schedule at this time.

Susan said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling so yucky as of late! I've been battling a horrid sinus infection for the last 4 days- no fun at all. Today is the first day that I've felt somewhat normal (if that's even possible! *grin*).

Thanks ever so much for mentioning your office project! I've been known to take my latest project to work with me so I can put in a few stitches at lunchtime, but I never thought about keeping a totally seperate project in my locker. Who knows- I just might start keeping a seperate project in my car for just that same purpose!

Janaina said...

Hope Eyeore gets better soon! =)

Kathy A. said...

Goodness gracious girl! You are ill!! I hope you are feeling better very soon. What an amazing amount of stitching progresses for someone who is ill!!

Michele said...

hope you are starting to feel better! and thank goodness you got it and over it before AZ!

Sonda in OR said...

Yuck! Hope you are feeling better. With the boys in school, they are such vectors for illness (especially the youngest, who never washes his hands unless reminded) but so far we have escaped the latest round of flu. We'll see if the luck holds out!

Shelleen said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Carol R said...

Sorry to hear you are sick Ruth - I have been unwell since mid-January and it's no fun is it?

I laughed at the Eeyore name - I call my sister Eeyore - I think its that black cloud over her head - or maybe the Eeyore impersonation she does! So funny!

Stitchingranny said...

Hope you are now feeling so much better. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the MMIRR.
Also love your august square - so bright and cheerful and August is "my month".