Thursday, July 10, 2008

Horticulture, Cooking, Wildlife, Progress, and Work -- or, Adventures in Hammock Land

Well tomorrow night my sister arrives from D.C. for a startlingly exciting weekend of cleaning my mom's yard. A dumpster is involved. Does that tell you something? Hey, but it seems like we're in for a break! It's not supposed to go above 99 this weekend! Woo hoo. What with working outside all morning and then living in a house with a single room air conditioner, I'm sure we'll be overjoyed. lol Go ahead, tell me it won't be like leaving the Hyatt for Ernie's Motor Lodge where the slogan is "Fleas stay free!" Sigh. No really, it'll be good. I'll have fun with the sis, we'll visit my aunt and cousin, and we'll have good Mexican food. It'll be great. It will also be too hot to stitch. Sigh.

Since I was "on vacation" today (ie. using the comp time they don't pay me enough to consider a perk) it made sense that instead of testing out the hammock all afternoon I was at ... WORK! Sheesh. I WAS NOT going in. I was NOT. Then I was only going in to do the office bills.
Did I ever mention how much I hate office bills? It's not even my money and I hate office bills. Look, here's the short version. You subscribe to magazines, right? And you get annoyed when they send you those bi-weekly renewal letters starting the month after you renew, right? Well, I run a corporation library. We get 75-100 magazines or other periodical-type stuff. Imagine how many nuisance renewal bills I get every bloomin day. And I have to open them all (another pet peeve -- I want a Constitutional amendment requiring all envelopes to carry a complete business name and address on the corner where a return address is supposed to be. Don't make me open 10 letters a day to find out I could finance a Toyota for free or get a really good deal on Sports Illustrated.

Anyway, off soap box, I acquiesced to going in until lunch. Then I was planting my fanny in that hammock darn it. Do you know when I got to leave? Do you? 4 fricken 47 P.M. ("P.M." stands in this case for Pissy Mood since I missed nearly 4 hours of quality hammock time!).

Ok, I guess that's out of my system. I'm actually not nearly as bitter as I sound-- because I did get to come back to The Resort and test out the hammock for an hour. Here's proof -- the view in a feet-ish direction
7_09_2008 074
Doesn't it remind you of Boston's really cool bridge? It does me.
The view up -- sigh. Tell me you can't see heaven from here:
7_09_2008 050
BTW, leaves are really cool looking from underneath when they are lit from above. I'll have to try and get a decent pic. It was too hard to do with my eyes continually closing. lol

For the record, I didn't actually get up and fully extended in the hammock. I lay cross-ways and used my feet to push it like a swing. Reason being, I'm to tall to not have my head resting on the hammock's wooden bar. Yeah, I could have brought a pillow, but what the heck, I like swinging.

I made no finishes today (too mellow from hammock time I guess), but I can show a little progress:
7_09_2008 085
A Gimmie's pengie -- I hope I get a better picture tomorrow to show off the two threads involved

7_09_2008 090
A terribly lit shot of my over-one Isa Vautier ornie

And for your viewing pleasure some more of The Resort's environs and denizens--
7_01_2008 012
7_03_2008 079
7_03_2008 015

7_09_2008 014

Fritz and Frances (Fritz is the long one). They were at this stand off when I arrive. Apparently, even for all the years they've been together, they still don't trust each other enough to turn their backs on the one another.
7_09_2008 019

Cassie "I swear it wasn't me that ate the catnip" Jones
7_09_2008 020

Chou Chou (no she doesn't work-- what a shock, someone like Chouey being not so very functional)
7_09_2008 006

The Captain (he tells all the chicks he was "in the war" to score free corn)
7_09_2008 003

7_09_2008 001


Kathryn said...

They certainly have a, uh, um, variety of different animals. Maybe I have that many, but 90% of them are in my closet on the stuffed animal shelf. And the tall one (the six foot rhinoceros on roller skates with serving tray or spear) is in San Francisco.

Sorry about your having to work on your day "off". Do they give time and a half for working comp time? Maybe you need an automatic letter opener (makes a slit along the top of the envelope so at least that step is automated)? Just slit and take directly to the shredder.

We are now in San Francisco for two nights. The one house that doesn't have air conditioning. It's not boiling hot, but it's too hot to sleep. May you find relief with only one air conditioner. We could use a fan.

tkdchick said...

Sorry you had to go into work! I've been dealing with work bills/ordering/finance stuff msyelf lately! What a pain!

I love that picture of the end of the hammock, the lines are fantastic!

Barbara said...

I bet those animals don't shed, tear up newspapers, or need walks in the rain. ;)

Love the picture up into the tree leaves. That's sort of the view from our bedroom window and I just love it.

Mylene said...

Enjoyed catching up with your posts. So many lovely pictures shared, thanks for sharing them.

Michele said...

that few is definately looking at heaven! I love hammocks :)

I enjoyed the rest of the zoo pictures! there's definately a few animals I would adopt!

Hope all goes well this weekend :)

Redwitch said...

Oooh I am so with you on the junkmail, I get loads from publishers too for stuff that we already subscribe too! Nightmare!

Love the hammock and tree photos :)

Great stitching too of course!