Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Received around the world....

At last something to share. It seems like ages and ages.

Mairi received my Fair and Square round 6 offering –
4_27_2008 259
4_27_2008 263
It’s a German online freebie that was charted for pinks, but since Mairi is a purple fan I switched out the colors. I’ll get back to you on the site for the pattern since I can’t find it right now.
The pattern can be found at Borduurblad.

And from Mairi I got these stunning squares and goodies:
5_06_2008 002
Can you believe how pretty her vase of flowers is? Check it out close up:
5_06_2008 007
See? Absolutely lovely!!! Aren’t I the lucky one?

Sonda received her PIF yesterday so I can safely show you now –
4_06_2008 007
4_06_2008 011
The fabric is one of the Wichelt overdyed jobelan’s… Watercress, I think. The thread is a purple Carrie’s one of her limited editions. The beads are some gold powwow offerings.

Last weekend was another powwow weekend for me, and it was as wonderful as usual. Ok, so I got a bit sunburned because I forgot the rule about not wearing caps with light colored under brims (reflection is a pain!!!), but I think I might make it out without peeling. Sun idiocy aside, check out how visually cool everything was –

First the Tiny Tots division takes the field -- too cute, aren't they--
5_05_2008 008

Then there's my favorite shawl dance --
5_05_2008 027
5_05_2008 034
In case you ever contemplate beading-- the neck piece on the woman in the red shawl, the one with the eagle on it, is all beads.... ALL beads. Little, tiny beads by the thousands.
5_04_2008 070
5_04_2008 077
Yes, I now the night shots are “different” but I like them.

My other favorite, fancy dancers, in action --
5_05_2008 055

Also, powwow is my big bead shopping event of the year and I came away with a nice pile –
5_05_2008 106

There was even a new badger, but I’ll have to picture that another day since somehow I forgot to take that shot.


Sharon said...

What gorgeous squares! Your PIF is lovely too!

cathymk said...

Beautiful squares! The PIF is just gorgeous too.
That Pow wow looks like a wonderful event to attend, so colourful and vibrant. Love the beads you picked up.

Anonymous said...

The colours on your square for Mairi are beautiful and I just love the pedibule you made for Sonda!! Great powwow pictures!

Paisley said...

The squares are lovely, as is your PIF! Beautiful work!

Thank you for sharing the powwow pictures. Looks like it's a fun event!

Michele said...

Wow, what nice squares you and Mairi stitched for each other! Very nice PIF too :)

and I really enjoyed the pictures of the pow wow .. thanks for sharing :)

margaret said...

I have been watching your progress on Halloween Fairy. I saw her in our LNS a couple of weeks ago and thought no we don't celebrate halloween but she is cute and didn't buy her. saw her agin and rang the shop and they put her away for me. I picked her up on Tuesday and am just about down to the bottom of the dress. She is just gorgeous.

Margaret in Australia

Cheryl said...

Both squares both sent and received are lovely! Love that PIF gift too, lovely colours.
What wonderful photos

Barbara said...

Wow, the powow pictures are incredible, Ruth! Thanks so much for sharing them. Although I grew up within an hour's drive of two reservations, I've never seen anything like this IRL.

Your FS exchange squares are lovely. I particularly like your purple pansies. :D