Wednesday, April 16, 2008


There's so much I want to show you. I have these great (ok, decent) pictures and I want you to see them, but I can't. I just can't. Dang it! You'll see all this stuff soon, but I want to show you now. Right now. Where the heck I'm getting the will power to refrain from posting pics is beyond me. Hmpf. I never have this willpower around chocolate or cookies. lol

Here's what you need to do for me... cross your fingers and hope real hard I can find some small shipping boxes. Once these things get out to people, then I can share! Of course, currently every small shipping box in a four county area has gone to ground. Sigh.

I can share a fairly recent stash enhancement --
3_16_2008 010
I picked those up from Amy who did the first one and changed the rooster to a bunny (see Amy's March 16th post) very successfully. I think I'll do something similar. I'm just not sure what I'll switch the rooster for.

Anyway, I wish you a less frustrating day than I am having. I'm back to writing about museum exhibits. really it is a lot of fun.

Edited. Sigh. Yes, Chris, apparently I am having a very frustrating day. lol


Chris said...

Ok, Amy changed the rooster to a bunny, not rooster to chicken. You ARE having a flustered day aren't you my dear?

Hang in there sweetie!!!!!

karen said...

Ruth, i am having that same day today. hang in there. I have spilled 3 glasses of liquid today, first my niece's full cup of milk all over the kitchen, then my water, i just threw it (don't know how) and then pulling the chicken out of the fridge it leaked all over my foot and the floor. sigh..... I'm lucky dinner actually turned out with this kind of day.
Hugs to you!!

Barbara said...

I'm wishing you a series of totally stress-free days. Sunshine and lollipops all the way, baby!

Lani said...

Hugs to you! We all have days like that. But you got cute new stash, so that's a good thing! Don't you just love LHN?

Anyway, you've been tagged, so head on over to my blog - - and check it out. Have fun!

tkdchick said...

Great new stash!

Sonda in OR said...

Hope tomorrow brings good things instead of frustration! Thanks for the congrats on my scholarship!