Thursday, December 21, 2006

I made it!!!!!!!!

I had such fun getting here to DC..... I told my sister that I must have some invisible ink stamp on my tickets that says "adventurous traveller" since I always seem to have interesting happenings. My flight was a direct line from Los Angeles to Washington, DC but with a stop to dump most of the people on our plane off in St. Louis since they are catching flights to other places rather than following me to DC.
When we land in St. Louis the flight crew says we'll be on the ground for 30 minutes so if we want to get off and get food we can. Well, the guy in the seat in front of me (seat 7A) waits until most people are off, gets up, looks around, pulls a/his carryon out of the overhead bin above seat 7A and tosses it into the bin across the aisle and gets off the plane. Well after about 20 minutes they board a couple dozen people (we could have all had our own row, I think) and they say the doors are closing and we'll push back in a minute. I flag a passing stewardess and ask if Mr. 7A got back on. She says "the doors are closed." I related my bag concerns. She checks and yes, there's a bag there. No, no one in the area claims it...... while this is going on, we're rolling for the runway. She heads off to the front of the plane where there's some rushed conversation amongst the flight crew. They page the passenger with no reply. The plane stops dead part way to the runway for a few minutes. There is mare chatter and stuff going on up front. We start rolling again, and almost immediately the flight safety program begins. The same stewardess has my section and first class so she's hopping between the two areas to do the demos about how your seat belt works and how to use the drop-down oxygen masks. Well she comes to do the first demo in my area and says "thanks!" and scurries back for demo part 2 in the front cabin; she comes back again for our part 2 and says "we threw it out the window"; part 3 return-- "I mean it, we really threw it out the window." rotflol
I can only hope that Mr. Malik Johnson (aka seat 7A) was in line at Burger King in St Louis and was reunited with his carryon. :)

More news and picture updates soon. Sorry I have 16 million work email to answer. :)

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