2015 SAL/Challenge Headquarters

I have committed to (and probably ought to just flat-out be committed....):

1.  Turtle Trot --

  • Pick 10 things to get done this year
  • post progress the 10th of each moth

2.  Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness -- 

  • get stash presents to me done -- and stitchy presents intended for other people
  • post the 15th of every month

3.  Smalls --
  • do those little bits and bobs
  • post the last Wednesday of every month

4.  Stitching from Stash -- posting about it between the 21st and 28th of every month
  • Please make a blog post about your Stitch from Stash activity for the month (anytime in the month is fine).
  • Be sure to include this information at the TOP of your post. It is very important for everyone to follow the same format so the volunteers who are logging in your information can do it quickly and efficiently. We have a lot of members. :)
  • Month: (the month you're reporting in for!)
  • Spent: (the amount you spent from your budget)
  • Earned: (put the amount earned from finishes that month!)
  • Under this information, feel free to add as many pictures and details as you like! We'd especially like to see pictures of your lovely finishes and all of the projects you've made progress on in the month. And, of course, if you bought some stash, we love that too!
  • After you make your blog post, visit Mel's blog:
  • http://epicstitching.blogspot.ca/
  • There will be a clearly marked monthly SfS post starting on the 21st of each month and open until the 28th. In that post there will be a link widget (just like how you signed up). Add the link to your SfS post and you're done! Please remember, do NOT enter your general blog link -please link to the specific SfS post on your blog.

5.  Friendly Getting It Done --

  • Commit to a project and post about getting it done on the GID blog

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